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In order to get electricity in areas of Texas with choice, you need to pick a Retail Electric Provider (REP) and select an electricity plan (comprising of pricing and term in months).  There over 50 electric companies and hundreds of plans to select from. Options for getting started are calling a company (the most expensive option), shopping on the Power To Choose website (the most work), or using a company like Energy Simply to find and keep you in the best Texas electricity plans.
You can cancel an electricity plan at any time, but unless you are canceling due to a move, you would be subject to any termination fees that you agreed to when you signed up. If you are paying a lot for electricity, it may be worth paying the fees!  We have had customers that had to pay a $150 termination fee but were able to save almost $1000 over the length of time that was left on the contract. You are also allowed to cancel your electricity plan any time in the 14 days before your contract expires, or if you move, without having to pay a termination fee to your provider.
You can switch providers as frequently as you want, but if you are in contracts you would be subject to early termination fees, if they apply.     We typically look at 3-month to 12-month plan terms as options when assessing the best plans for our customers. The average customer is in 2 to 3 plans per year.
Yes, your power bill will change.  Each Retail electric provider has their own bill format and styling. Though there are certain things you will always find on any bill like average price paid in $/kWh and your contract end date. Auto pay with the electric companies (which isn’t required to use our service) would need to be set up separately every time we switch you.  Luckily, we have an included option to set the auto pay up for you whenever we sign you up for a new plan!
If your power goes out, your first call should be to your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU).  They are the ones who are responsible for getting the electricity from power plants to your home over the electric grid.  Regardless of what company you are with, your TDU will remain the same.  A list of TDUs with their Phone numbers is below:

Centerpoint (Includes Houston metro):  713-207-2222
Oncor (Includes Dallas metro):  888.313.4747 (outages 24/7);  888.313.6862 (General Inquiries/Service)
Texas New Mexico Power:  888-866-7456
AEP Texas Central:  877-373-4858
AEP Texas North:  877-373-4858

If they say there is no power outage, your next call would be to your retail electric provider.  There might be a problem with a recent payment that resulted in them disconnecting your power.  Typically paying any past due balance will restore power in 2-3 hours.
If you live an area of Texas with retail electric choice (the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Metros are just a couple of these areas), then you can change electricity companies!    If you didn’t know you could switch then you have likely been with your current company for a long time and you are probably paying more for electricity than you need to.    Just make sure you are accounting for any potential termination fees you may need to pay if you are currently under contract with your provider.

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