Energy Simply vs Energy Ogre – Reviews

Energy and Money Saving Tips

Do you want to reduce your energy bills and are deciding between Energy Simply and Energy Ogre? This guide will help you make your decision.

The key differences are that Energy Simply costs about 20% less and has a more personal experience. Energy Ogre is a larger company and has more infrastructure like an online dashboard.

Both companies will save you from the job of sifting through the hundreds of electric plans you can find on Power to Choose. You can let them navigate the complex energy market for you and sign you up for plans that will save you money.

Let’s jump into the reviews so you can decide which company is the best fit for you.

Features: Energy Simply vs Energy Ogre 

Energy Simply

Energy Simply promises to find the best Texas electricity plans for you. The service has an emphasis on saving you money and time. Energy Simply:

  • Saves you money: Their team analyzes all possible electricity plans to find the best one for you. They can help you save $50+ per month on electric bills within the first few months of service.
  • Saves you time: They keep track of your plan expiration dates and automatically set you up with a great deal with the next provider. All of this gets accomplished without you having to lift a finger.
  • Analyzes deals from all companies: They select the best deal from all available plans and electricity providers in the Texas energy market. They avoid gimmicky electric plans and even offer some plans that aren’t available on Power to Choose.
  • Works only for their customers: Energy Simply doesn’t receive commissions from any electric companies. Their sole focus is helping their customers save money.

Energy Ogre

Energy Ogre has a similar goal of finding customers the lowest electricity rate. Its features include:

  • Plan selection: Energy Ogre selects the plan they believe best suits your usage profile. This will often save you money on your bills.
  • Expiration monitoring: When electricity contracts end, providers will place you on a variable rate that could end up being 10-20% more expensive, if you don’t do anything. They track your contract end dates so this does not happen to you.
  • Worry free sign ups: Electricity companies try to confuse consumers with complicated plan structures and gimmicks. Energy Ogre eliminates the hassle of sorting through confusing plans.

How Energy Simply works

Energy Simply strives to find the right energy plan for you.  From the moment you sign up, they start looking for a great deal for you.

The website has a savings calculator you can use to get an estimate of your savings. It takes your actual usage and shows you how much you can save with a sample plan.

Next, Energy Simply makes plan recommendations based on your energy usage, taking into account typical seasonal trends.

Signing up is a quick and easy phone call where you can talk to a real person and discuss your new plan, the service and your savings. New customers typically save $50 a month or more on their electricity bill.

When your plan is about to expire, you get seamlessly switched into a new deal that fits your needs. That’s it! As a customer, there’s nothing you have to stress about.

Energy Simply’s team of experts monitors the Texas energy market all year round. If prices fall and it makes sense to change plans mid-contract, they’ll send you a new proposal. They lay out the cost of switching vs. staying and why it would be worth paying a cancelation fee to get the higher savings. Mid-contract switches are only completed if you approve.

These features result in you getting the best provider, deal, and terms for you.

How Energy Ogre works

Energy Ogre uses their algorithms to find the best electricity plan for you. They say they manage everything for you – including finding the best deal, tackling issues, and choosing the next plan. 

When you sign up for their service, they analyze your energy use trends. Based on your usage, Energy Ogre determines what they think is the best plan for you.

Whenever a new deal arrives in your area, they send you an update that lets you know how it compares to your plan. If you want to switch plans and pay the termination fee, you let them know through their website.

You can use their savings calculator to calculate your savings. Like with Energy Simply, it’s best to use your most recent electricity bill. If you don’t have a bill, you can give approximate info and their calculator can still get you a savings estimate.

Energy Ogre will setup your online accounts and autopay (Energy Simply has this option too). 

They also get paid by their members and not the companies. They claim they keep any information you provide secure and private.

Energy Ogre has an app and dashboard so you can use your computer and phone to manage your account.


Energy Simply is $9 per month or $99 per year, which gets you one month free. 

Energy Ogre’s monthly subscription is $10 per month or $120 per year. There is no discount for signing up for the annual plan.

Pros and Cons: Energy Simply vs Energy Ogre

The two companies have a lot in common. For the average customer, these companies work very similarly.

There are some differences in the pros and cons for each company, though. Take a look at the biggest advantages and disadvantages of both companies.

Energy Simply: Pros

  • It is almost 20% cheaper than Energy Ogre. This makes Energy Simply especially good for customers with low usage.
  • Unlike Energy Ogre, you are not charged until you enroll in your first plan.
  • They offer very personalized and responsive customer service. If anything comes up, you can talk directly to the CEO.
  • They handle the plan enrollment and setup autopay with the electric company (if you want them to).
  • Their team of experts watches the electricity market for you and makes sure you are always getting the best deal available.
  • Average customers save $50+ a month. According to a review on Yelp, one of its customers saved more than $10,000 in 5 years.  Another customer could keep their house cold all summer for 3 years without the bill exceeding $50, while it had been over $200 earlier.

Energy Ogre: Pros

  • They have an app and dashboard so you can check and manage your account.
  • Energy Ogre has a larger team, but they offer less personalized customer service.
  • They also manage the plan setup process and allow autopay.
  • They also keep track of the electricity market to recommend when to switch plans mid-contract.

Energy Ogre: Cons

  • It costs $12 more a year with the monthly subscription plan and $21 extra a year with the yearly one.
  • Energy Ogre charges you immediately before you can see the plan they recommend.
  • Yelp reviews showed mixed opinions on its plan-switching service. 

Why you should choose Energy Simply

Energy Simply is the best option for most people. You save an extra $21 a year and get more personal customer service. For customers aiming to save money, Energy Simply is the clear choice.

If having access to a dashboard and app is important or you prefer to have an email-based initial enrollment process, then Energy Ogre is a good option, too.

Final Words

If you want Energy Simply to find you the best electricity plan, click here, enter your zip code, and start saving money today!